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Use Cases

Versatile Portability for On-the-Go Troubleshooting

Pairing the Openterface Mini-KVM with Clockwork's uConsole transforms this portable Pi computer into a handy KVM tool, perfect for plug-and-play and quick troubleshooting of any nearby headless devices. This setup is especially beneficial for field engineers and tech enthusiasts who require a compact and efficient solution for managing and diagnosing devices on the go.


Streamlined Server Management

Ideal for IT professionals involved in the maintenance and operation of server rooms, our Mini-KVM enables control of multiple servers from your own laptop as a single workstation, enhancing operational efficiency. use-case-demo-pc-bios-1

Simplified Setup for Tech Enthusiasts

This product eases the setup process for micro-computer enthusiasts working with devices like Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano. It allows direct control from a main computer, negating the need for additional peripherals.


Unified Control for Diverse Devices

Perfect for professionals juggling between personal and work computers, or managing devices such as ATMs, VLTs, and kiosks. The Openterface Mini-KVM offers a unified interface that simplifies the management of multiple devices.


Secure Operations for Sensitive Tasks

Professionals managing tasks that require network segregation, such as managing cryptocurrency assets, will find this product indispensable for maintaining secure, local operations.


Efficient Integration for Mixed Workflows

Users who frequently switch between personal and work computers, or those managing edge computing devices, will benefit from the streamlined workflow integration that Openterface Mini-KVM provides.



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