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Enabling you to transform laptop into a KVM console for controlling any headless device via HDMI & USB.

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Elevate your tech toolkit with Openterface Mini-KVM: A compact, feature-rich, open-source KVM-over-USB solution that simplifies your tech life with on-the-fly IT tasks and troubleshooting.

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Say goodbye to an extra monitor, keyboard, and mouse! Turn your laptop into a smart KVM console for controlling any headless device via HDMI and USB.

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Connection macOS

Host Computer

Connection Openterface mini-KVM

Openterface Mini-KVM

Connection Target Devices

Target Devices

Product Features

Host App Compatibility

Supports macOS, Windows, and Linux, with Android support in development.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Instant control upon connection, with no software installation or configuration on the target device. Leaves no software traces on the target computer.

Network Independence

Stable and fast headless control via HDMI and emulated keyboard/mouse (HID) input.

Ultra-Portable Design

Its compact and lightweight design makes it the perfect tool for professionals on the go.

Full HD with Low Latency

Supported output video up to 1920x1080@30Hz with under 140 milliseconds of latency. Adaptable to VGA, Micro HDMI, DVI, and other inputs with a video adapter.

Audio Integration

Captures and plays the target device's audio directly on the host computer.

BIOS-Level Access

Provides direct access to the target device's BIOS, firmware, or startup management.

Switchable USB Type-A Port

This allows you to toggle USB access between the host and the target, ideal for sharing a USB drive without replugging.

Text Transfer

Allows text to be sent from the host to the target device, ideal for copying usernames, passwords, or code snippets.

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To learn how our Openterface mini-KVM compares to other KVM solutions, such as traditional KVM switch, KVM-over-IP, VNC, etc.

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Use Cases

It supports a variety of use cases, from speedy troubleshooting to integrating seamless operations between personal and work computers. Ideal for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals.

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